Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September ATC Swap

"Leaves" is the theme of the Blissful ATC swap for September. In my neck of the woods the leaves, for the most part, have not changed but there are other signs of fall occurring. The shade of green in the leaves has a little more yellow, hickory nuts and acorns are rolling down the drive way, some days are a little cooler, and the squirrels seem to be busy rather than just chasing each other up and down the trees and scurrying across the top of our house.

Let me show you what my September swap partner, Francie, of The Scented Cottage sent me.

Instead of an envelope, a package came in the mail. At first I thought, "Francie certainly wraps her card with layers and layers of protection," but to my surprise there was this adorable, printed bag.

In the bag I found a package of potpourri. Our house will soon be smelling with the scent of holidays.

Then I pulled out this ATC, and there was a busy squirrel; two actually - one painted and the other a charm.

Not through. Turning the card over expecting to see just her name, I saw that Francie had painted the squirel exuberant with the fruits of his labor.

Now I want to find a frame on a stand that I can turn and show both sides of this hand painted, mini art piece. This will be a perfect decorative item for the season.
Francie, this card is precious, and the gift, unexpected, thank you.

If you think you might be interested in swapping little art cards, this is a great group of gals to join. There are few rules - mostly your imagination, and you participate when you want to. You can find out more by clicking here.


  1. What a lovely surprise, and it is so beautifully done. Diane

  2. Lucky you--such nice gifts! Not much sign of colors changing here in London-- a little browning of leaves, but the weather is changing today, so I expect it won't be long!

    Enjoy your fall,

  3. Wow! What a great ATC and all the goodies with it. Francie did a great job painting it.

  4. what a great item to receive. the card is so cute. thanks for your comment on Berry College. There is a garden at Barnsley Garden near Kingston Ga. If you ever get this way, let me know and maybe we can connect. My e mail is rose

  5. Mya you are tooo sweet. I hope everyone will stop by and see the beautiful cards you sent me
    I LOVE them !!!