Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Little Surprises

A surprise came my way this weekend in the form of an invitation from Talei Loto of Musings of an Aspiring Scribe. She told me to don my gala attire and rush over to her blog. Well it sounded like a party to me, so I quickly changed (though my curls were not quite set) and rushed over. Talei had received a "Creative Writer" blogger award, and she was having a celebration. On acceptance of this award, Talei had to give us seven facts about herself - correction - Talei was to give us 1 fact about herself and 6 falsehoods, and we were to guess which one was the truth.

At the end of the party she gave out party favors, and four blogs received like awards from Talei. Elbows On My Window Sill was one of the recipients so I happily brought home this button.

Now that I am back home and am having my own celebratory, back yard hot dog roast, I want to pass four "Creative Writer" blogger awards out before they get mustard on them:

These awards are given to you for the creativity in the writing of your blogs. I do regret that I am allowed to give out only four.

A Tale of Two Cities
5 Minutes Just For Me
Pretty Far West
Rococo and Caffeine

These are participatory awards and if you accept this award you are to pass the same to four blogs of your choice, and present your lists of lies and truths about yourself for all readers to guess the one fact if they so choose.

My list:

1. Spent the night in the dressing room of a department store. I was tired and fell asleep.

2. Ferrying across choppy waters to Victoria Island, I not only lost my cookies, but my shoes too.

3. At my high school prom five of us were wearing identical bright blue dresses.

4. Last week I found a past due library book on my bookshelf. Due over a year ago.

5. Timed baby turtles as they swam toward the light.

6. Dropped in at a party and found I had the wrong address.

7. After arriving at work my fellow colleagues informed me I was wearing two different colored shoes.

I will post the truth at the end of my next post.

This award is for fun and if you choose not to accept it is not necessary to reply.


  1. I rushed straight over with the rose tea to find a merry spree here. Lies: one of my favourite things. As you are an Interesting Woman, I'd guess that 1 or 2 is true, the rest lies. If I'm wrong, I'll forfeit a sofa.

    And thank you for passing on the award; I'm honoured! I'll have a creative think over a bowl of punch.

  2. Hehehehe nice one so sad i was not able to get one huhuhuhu the way thanks for visiting my site following you now...follow back if you can...nice blog indeed...

    Chronicle of An Inconsistent Mom
    Inside Malaysia

  3. Congratulations on your award! I hope this week is good for you and that you are doing well!

  4. I'd guess that #4 is true, since I've had that happen to me.

  5. Congrats on your award, well deserved. I just saw your comment on Our Year In Italy's post about Santa Rosa, wondering did you find it via my post on the same event as I linked to it :) It is fun seeing people you know po up around the blogging world.

  6. Congratulations! Great list and very funny! I wasn't sure if we're supposed to guess if we weren't "a chosen winner" but I'm going to guess anyway! I pick number "one" to be true.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I left a response. I forget that people don't always see my response to their comments.

    Have a great day and bask in the "recognition"! : )

  7. Sandy, yes, you can choose, I probably did not make that clear. Glad you came by.

    Mise, the rose tea is appreciated, I must get some of the Rose Water.

    Loveleng, Glad you could join us for hot dogs. Enjoyed your post about the towers in Malaysia.

    Heather, I know you are busy with things at your house, so appreciate your coming over.

    Rosie - How much was your fine?

    Lindy - This little party pales to your everday feasts in Italy. Maybe we can make torches out of the hot dogs, and parade around the block.

  8. A well deserved award ! I would have a difficult time choosing which is true ... can't wait to find out !
    I've taken that ferry ride btw...thankfully it wasn't choppy :))
    PS you've noticed all my food is fake LOL ..

  9. Congrats on the award. My guessing is bad so think I will leave well alone! Diane

  10. Hi Mya, I'm going to say #2 is right? Ps: I'm so glad you donned your gala attire! ;)

  11. I could have sworn I came by here a while ago and left a strange! I thought that I had written that it was too funny that you would have slept in a dressing room all night...surely one needs their creature comforts to have a good night's sleep!?

    Thank you so much for the tag! I am so sorry that my original comment didn't work!

    Best wishes,