Saturday, May 15, 2010

This Plane House Is Not So Plain

Don't know what to do with that spare Boeing 727 in your backyard?
How about a little renovation.

This plane is owned by Hotel Costa Verde in Costa Rica, and costs $400 - 500 per night depending on the time of year you wish to stay. The plane was hauled, piece by piece, from the San Jose airport to the National Park along the edge of the Manuel Antonio Jungle.

Welcome. This is the entrance to your fuselage suite, nestled in the trees.

Here you can relax while you are watching TV.

The kitchenette - dinning area is great for casual entertaining, and...

perhaps you would like to serve cocktails on the wing balcony.

Overnight guests? Not a problem. They can stay in the second bedroom.

And for you, they have the master bedroom and...

master bath.

You are perched upon a 50 foot pedestal, and as you can see, you have marvelous views of both the jungle and the beautiful ocean.


JoAnn Ussery purchased a retired 727 for $2000.00 from the nearby Greenwood, Mississippi, airport. For $4000.00 she had it moved to her Lake Whittington property, and for $24,000.00 had it remodeled. Much of the remodeling she did herself. She was allowed to salvage a few interior panels and other miscellaneous bits and pieces from other retired planes. At the airport salavge center she was known as the "gutsy little grandma."

When all was finished she had a three bedroom lake house, and the cockpit had been transformed into a master bath with a jacuzzi.

JoAnn named her home "Little Trump," referring to Donald Trump's $16 million corporate jet, which is also a Boeing 727.

My thanks go to L. Sobey for sending these pictures to me.


  1. You are perched upon a 50ft pedestal, and as you can see, you have marvelous views of both the jungle and the ocean.. Wow! That would be the best part in my opinion to staying in this unique and unusual home/hotel... I agree, those planes aren't plain at all!...

  2. I was thinking what an unusual place to stay then I saw the view, stunning!

  3. Wow that is an awesome idea. Great post, enjoyed reading that. Ha haa

  4. How clever and unique. The view is spectacular.

  5. Cute idea, but I already spend way too much time on airplanes, so this would not be my cup of tea. I have to hand it to her for creativity!

  6. Pretty wild way to such a beautiful setting, xv.

  7. I have heard of trains being turned into homes but never a plane before. I would fancy one of those in my back yard LOL. Diane

  8. I would guess that the Hotel is doing just fine, but the last I heard about JoAnn is that a tree had fallen on the plane causing much damage, and insurance debates.
    My best to JoAnn and Vetsy, Lindy Lou, Stone Art, Rosie, Debi, Vicki and Diane.
    Thank you all for stopping by.