Monday, May 3, 2010

How Well Do You Know Your Gnomes

For any of you that have one of those cute little gnomes in your yard I feel that I must bring this to your attention.

This was posted on Lee Ann's "Adventures of the Once and Future Garden" blog.

I actually managed to link this! For me this is a big deal.


  1. How insidious, especially after they have germinated! They seem to be quite pesky at night too. I will definitely go and check behind my rocks for these aggressive and invasive pests.

    Thank you for bringing this problem to my attention!

    Best wishes,


  2. A most informative piece- I had been totally unaware of this potential hazzard. Thanks!(It took my mind off my son's driving for a few minutes!)

  3. This guy is a Hoot!.. I can't believe he took the time to put that silly stuff together!..

    the gnomes coming out of the ground was really funny to me, symbolizing a plants over growth! LoL!

    No your not losing it.. I posted A Man Named Pearl" on My Thoughts to ponder blog and yesterday I added it to Vetsy's view.. LoL!.

    The Lily solar fountain I purchased from Home Depot...It was marked down to 26.00