Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tartan Day

Though various cities may have their own Tartan Day, April 6th is the National Tartan Day in America and in Scotland. This day celebrates Scottish heritage and also its independence.

The tartan originated in Scotland and became associated with a particular region, district, family or regiment. The weave is a pattern of threads repeated in both breadth and width, thus the pattern is the same when you turn it 90 degrees.

The tartan is such a part of Scottish identity that the English government banned the wearing of it after the Scottish rebellion of 1746 until 1782. The tartan was considered a uniform of rebels.

Many ancient civilizations had bagpipes, but who does not think of Scotland when they hear the call of the pipers.

If you do not like the sound of the bagpipes DO NOT GO NEAR THAT DIAL!

A Gathering of Pipe Bands at Edinburgh Castle

Highland Dance Competition - The Highland Fling

Heath Richardson on Bagpipes

Hold Your Kilts Down - Here is Clann An Drumma


  1. Mya, I would have loved to been there in person to see the Gathering of pipe bands at Edinburgh Castle...WoW!

    when I was a kid in the city of Detroit, We often had parades and the Scottish bands were one of many bands in these parades.

    I loved to hear the bagpipes and watch the bands march through the streets with their tall feathered hats and Uniforms...

    Thanks for sharing a little History on Tartan Day! and the videos on the bands and the Highland dancers..It took me back in time to all the days that I watched both Scottish/Irish dancers on channel 56 when my family and I gathered around to watch Michael Flately's lord of the Dance and others.

  2. You made me google tartan fabric to see for myself. I learned something new! I always just called that plaid! lol

  3. Mya, I had that last clip on while I read this...what a fantastic sound! I loved the drums just as much as the pipes actually!

    Happy belated Tartan Day!

    Best wishes,

  4. There is quite a difference in the traditional music and the new music with its upbeat. I love it all.

  5. Mya - that piece by Heath Richardson is AWESOME! WoW I loved it. Thanks for posting! Raquel