Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ribbit, Ribbit

Honestly, could you resist that face? Well, I could not. I was browsing around Deborah's Garden at and ran into this little fellow. Sorry, Deborah, he, uh, followed me home.

A couple of frogs or toads (toads are actually frogs) can be beneficial to your garden because they will eat snails, flies and other insects. We usually have a toad to take up summer residence in our backyard. He has his own toad house.

The sounds of frogs all sound a like to me, but different species of frogs have their own unique sounds. Frogs even have a variety of calls. They might be calling for a mate, signaling where their territory is, notifying a weather change, or saying that they are hurt or frightened. I have read that some frog calls can be heard a mile away.

Here is one frog call that is known by many, and I hear is one of the most popular frog songs of all times. "Hey, Kermit, you're on."

we affectionately remember Jim Henson


  1. That there is a Green Tree Frog! You see, I have a degree in Wildlife Biology. And my very favorite subject was Herpetology, the study of Reptiles and Amphibians. Uh huh, I know my frogs!

    Very nice photo! You can file that under G for Green!

  2. Mya he is a beautiful thing, I can see why you borrowed him from Deborah..I would love to have it in my yard.

  3. I love frogs too but Toads...uck! The cane toads we have here are disgusting!

    Feel free to add this post to a link I have up on my blog for Sunday Songs! I would love to have you!

    Best wishes and have a great week,