Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SURREAL - part two

Teresa of The Altered Paper and Creations by Tee offered a wonderful grouping of some of her creations in her giveaway, and I was one of two people that was fortunate enough to win.

When I opened the parcel I found all the items presented in this lovely sheer, drawstring bag.

The giveaway included 3 tag/book marks sporting one of Teresa's favorite historical characters, Marie Antoinette,

and a cake of hand made chocolate soap. One whiff - no doubt - its cocoa. My husband said,"You mean I can't eat it?" I wish it were possible to put a scratch-and-sniff patch here so you could tell just how delicious it smells.

But that was not all. Teresa had these extra gifts that she decided later to add. Sometimes things just get better and better.

She made this Valentine tag which is constructed with a smaller tag on the larger tag,

and this beautiful Valentine ATC.

This is the equivalent of getting a Valentine early. Thank you, Teresa.

You can view Teresa's Etsy shop here.


  1. Oh really pretty! And don't you just love the smell of chocolate soap? Wonderful giveaway you won girlfriend!

  2. Chocolate cake soap! How advanced other cultures are compared to mine. Congratulations again, lucky Mya.

  3. how pretty! I love the stuff you got! Hope you enjoy it!

  4. these are beautiful...I'm glad you got them. enjoy them....

  5. You really received some beautiful treats there. She is so talented and chocolate soap sounds really divine.

  6. Oh I am loving those Marie Antoinette pieces, so pretty. I would love to write a historical piece set in France... mmm there's food for thought.

    Have a lovely weekend!