Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Kingston Trio




Kingston Trio original members were Dave Guard, Bob Shane and Nick Reynolds

It was a summer in the late 1950's. I was 16, had my driver's license, and I was working. Except for work, which was more like play because I was a counselor in a day camp, my time was my own and I could pretty much make my own schedule. On Thursday nights the counselors met to have supper and discuss the happenings of the camp week. Afterwards the group would go to the movies, swim, play putt-putt or sometimes just sit around and talk and eat pizza. Some of the counselors were all ready in college so I felt pretty grown up by being a part of this pact. I felt self reliant, dependable, knew what was going on, and much more together than my parents were. Or so I thought.

At the same time American folk music was becoming The Music across the nation. From California's beach club scene, the Kingston Trio had arrived as one of the most popular folk music groups and already gaining international popularity. Their music was everywhere - records (r-e-c-o-r-d-s, if you are younger than 30 you might have to look it up), radio and TV. Everywhere, so why did I not know? It was my father (why/how did HE know), my father that clued me in when he gave me their album "The Kingston Trio." That was the first of a soon to be collection. Thank you, Dad.

The Kingston Trio

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  1. Hi my friend calling by from Italy via Sunday Song. I had never heard this before, lovely choice to go with the story of your Dad introducing you to this trio.

  2. "r-e-c-o-r-d-s, if you are younger than 30 you might have to look it up)" Wow, I almost made me fall off my chair :)

    Hope you are doing well.

  3. Those guys are hard to beat--it's been way too long since I've heard them! Great memories--thanks!

  4. This is so bizarre! Did you happen to visit my blog a couple of days ago? I changed my Play List to one I called Folk Music. I only chose about 8 songs for it and some were The Kingston Trio!! I only left it on for a couple of days, though, and now I'm back to a different variety. Such a coincidence!!

  5. Love this post! My fathers music legacy to me, was indelibly his christmas record collections from the likes Sir Harry Secomb, Kings College, Tallis Scholars, and Bing Crosby. Some great memories whenever I hear these tunes.

  6. I loved this post....a window into the past and the music is great.

  7. My brother in law has all their old LP's. He also plays the banjo and just loves their music as do I.

  8. great song !
    by listening this music it remembered me that sometimes I tried to remember something. whatever it be, moreover about memories.
    congratulation to your father ;)]
    its great post.
    keep spirit friend !

  9. I must confess that I have never heard of this group before and I really don't know too much about American folk music either. I guess that's why I love Sunday Song song much because I broaden my musical horizons and learn new things! Thanks for a great post Mya and, of course, for joining in with Sunday Song!

    Best wishes and happy weekend,