Saturday, January 29, 2011

SURREAL - part one

When you win a giveaway you feel pretty lucky. But what do you call yourself when you win two giveaways? Double lucky? Dreaming? Blue? Yes, blue - from pinching myself; I could not believe it.

Jill of Untie the Ribbons, and Teresa of The Altered Paper and Creations by Tee were both having giveaways about the same time, and I, yours truly, won both. What are the odds?

For her giveaway Jill created this wonderfully whimsical, intricate wool box.

The interior is constructed with spot dyed wool and the cheerful heart seems to spring up when you open the lid.

Each side is a different little work of art and is decorated with pretty flowers, and little wool worms, rolled, shirred and couched.

You can enlarge the pictures to see the details in the various stitches. Jill used mostly wool for the layered appliques but also used ribbon for a few of the leaves.

Many, many beads are sewn on the side panels of the box. This particular flower has over a hundred beads sewn onto its center.

Here's the sweetest thing - Jill's little logo bird. He has beaded, ruffled paper wings and crown, and he has caught himself a woolly worm. His little legs are made of wire - look how Jill bent the wire to make his little feet. Too cute, too cute.

I first put the little box on a table beside the bed, and now I move it around from place to place just because it makes me happy, and I smile every time I see it. Jill, just saying "Thank you," seems so inadequate but I sincerely mean it.

If Jill thinks about it, she will create it. If you scroll through her blog you will see various items that she has made: dolls, different kinds of boxes, and floor cloths to name a few. She has a huge assortment of dolls. Recently she introduced us to Euella and Flat Betty. Each doll (there are several Flat Bettys) has her own story.

In a few days I will continue with part two about Teresa's giveaway.


  1. Mya, wow! I am so happy for you. Did you bribe the jury :) Send some luck my way too.

  2. Congratulations! What an awesome win! I guess I would be pinching myself too! Its great when someone can put a smile on your face and I am even smiling as I am happy for you! Giving is contagious and I will be soon too!

  3. Congratulations!!! I have just started entering giveaways.They look like so much fun. Your gifts are very beautiful and so very special because someone handmade them.

  4. Lucky you, such a pretty box. And two giveaways at once! We will line up to touch your sleeve.

  5. Mya I love receiving handmade gifts and pass a long plants, I think they are the best gifts in the world! because a lot of heart and meaning goes into them. I love the little logo bird on the top...Lucky you!

    Thank you for stopping by.. I hope too, that I will have time to post my yard this summer.

  6. Oh that box and bird are simply beautiful. Love them! Congrats on winning twice. You've a very lucky lady!

  7. What a nice box, very creative:)

  8. Wow, it's beautiful, and you are lucky indeed!

  9. Lucky girl ! I love the giveaways that involve the hand made much work in that little box!..WAY WAY WAY beyond me....

  10. Congratulations! You are so lucky. I guess that the old saying is gotta be in it to win it! I will definitely enter more give aways after reading this.

    I just visited your new blog but I wasn't able to leave a comment for some reason. Congratulations and wow, what a brilliant idea! I will be sure to read it as often as I can as you know how much I love music. If you get a follower button please let me know!

    Best wishes,

  11. With your luck you might have won my calendar too but I didn't see an entry. That's okay. A dear local friend won it and I was so excited for her.

    What a cute box! I'm amazed at the creativity some people have. I have to give away other people's creations ... hah!

  12. So happy you won ! there is a lot of work and love in that box...don't you love getting something that makes you smile?