Friday, August 20, 2010

A Sure Sign of Weakness

When it comes to television shows, I think the Brits do it best. Of the few shows that I would call my personal favorites, it seems they are mostly British made. One in particular is Lark Rise to Candleford set in the hamlet of Lark Rise and the more prosperous, neighboring market town of Candleford, at the end of the 1800's. This series is an adaptation of Flora Thompson's childhood memoirs of Oxfordshire, England.


One of the endearing characters in this series is Dorcas Lane, the Post Mistress of Candleford, played by Julia Sawalha. In most every episode she makes the comment "_______ is my only weakness," and everytime she utters those words she mentions another "only" weakness.


Do you have an only weakness, or many only weaknesses? Well, I do, and this week I will tell you one of them. da da... My only weakness is chocolate. There, I said it, and I am not ashamed. I simply allow myself to indulge a little more frequently that I should.


Look at all that luscious chocolate, sitting there so beguiling, tempting you to take just one piece. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, with or without nuts; you can have the white chocolate - I want the serious stuff.


Dark chocolate macarons. Catch them if you can.

This decadent, chocolate delight is absolutely sinful, but go ahead and look if you must.


Chocolate Souffle with Nougat Whipped Cream, ah, it fills the senses just to say its name.


Fresh strawberries dressed up in their finest and ready to step out on the town, or better yet, to be devoured anywhere.


I wonder how long the ice cream sundae has been around. Growing up I thought that this was the ultimate in desserts. Well, it is still a favorite of mine. One spoon please.


I was in my early teens before I had a chocolate eclair. My mother was a proponent of tough love.


Chocolate pie with meringue topping. Oh, I see you have your's already. Well I guess that makes the rest mine, wah la.


The basic ice cream cone. Delicious yes, and probably the start of an obsession for many of us. As young as three I was probably hooked.

On the Family Feud tv show, they would ask a hundred people a question, and then the contestants would try to guess the top answers. If they had asked, "What is your favorite chocolate dessert," do you think this might have been the top answer?


After all of that food, I need to wash it down with something. Perhaps a


tall, thick, cold chocolate milk shake or maybe


a cup of frothy hot chocolate.

Alas, for the time being I must rid my thoughts of these compulsions; therefore, I will go to the spa.


photo credits:
2. google images
3. wikipedia


  1. Oh Mya....... What were you thinking, posting these lusious photos of CHOCOLATE!!!!
    I'm ready to leave the house to run errands and I will now have to stop at the corner market for something.... something chocolate!
    I'll be thinking of you as I take each and every bite!

    Ruth ;)

  2. Oh.... and I agree on British televison and movies. I've always loved them. They are my favorite.

    Ruth ;)

  3. I love the British comedies that come on PBS, I have watched them for years. Even though I have seen some episodes 10x or more I still love them. Are You Being Served, Keeping Up Appearances, Vicar of Dibley, As Time Goes By, I love them all. Absolutely Fabulous is my very favorite.

  4. Yes I will admit to a weakness for chocolate, plain only.

    As for Larkrise to Candleford I love both the book and the TV series. We used to watch it on BBC Entertainment via Sky Italia, but they have dropped this channel from Sky Italai :(

  5. Mya, I love the Brits too. We haven't gotten that show on PBS here yet.
    I really wish you hadn't done all this chocolate stuff... now I have HAVE to go find some, sigh. LOL.

  6. I'll have to watch the show you mention ~ I am not familiar with it.
    I just ate a chocolate and peanut butter cup candy bar before I saw all these delicious photos you posted!!!

  7. Mya... You found my weakness! It's chocolate hands down! I could eat everything on this page Yummmmm!

    I favor Milk chocolates and chocolate nuts and sometimes dark chocolate if it's coated onto cherries and other fruits.. LOOOVVVE This Post!

  8. I didn't think my weakness was chocolate until I scrolled through all those yummy photos. I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at them!

  9. I have to admit I love chocolate, I tend to go for the salty chip and that type of snack. thanks for your comment on my blog re military. i wonder how many people at the airport wonder if these guys are comming home. have a good Sunday. Rose

  10. Oh my goodness. Chocolate is one of my only weaknesses too. I used to like milk chocolate best but now much prefer dark chocolate. I guess homemade fudge with nuts would be my very favorite.
    Thank you for your nice comment on our Spiritual Sundays blog. I kind of feel like it is somewhat of a cyber church. lol. I'm glad so many are being blessed by it. Ginger and I are probably more blessed than anyone else.

  11. I found your site through Spiritual Sundays. What a great post. It must have taken time to put all the photos, writing, and credits together. Very well done. Glad I visited. God bless you. Dr. Bobbi

  12. Ooops! Time for a bedtime snack after seeing all that chocolate. How decadent!

    Wonderful post and I must check out that movie!

  13. Ah, it's Saffie from Ab Fab - I never realised she did Lark Rise as well. And you keep eating chocolate - I read just today that research has shown it helps cardiac health. God bless research, eh?

  14. MY MOUTH IS WATERING! I was going to say my weakness is something else but after scrolling down and seeing all the CHOCOLATE I decided this MUST be a weakness as I had to go find some chocolate right away.

  15. back again. thanks for youe comment on my blog re Paris. yes, felt like i was circling or completing a family group. thanks rose

  16. Oh, Mya! I'll bet that's a weakness for most everybody. Oh, gosh, I have so many weaknesses, I can't keep track of them, but chocolate is definitely near the top. There is always something chocolate in my house at all times. Just off the top of my head, there's ice cream, Oreos, M&M's, chocolate chips, ... You never know when the craving will hit! Thanks so much for your sweet support on my recent posts.

  17. No wonder I love visiting you so much! Wouldn't it be nice to meet up and share a chocolate feast together one day!

    Best wishes for a beautiful and chocolately weekend,

  18. I love chocolate, however, I am picky. I only like Hershey's milk chocolate and nestle's milk chocolate. Any other chocolate you can have.

  19. Oh lovely glorious chocolate...mmm

    Weakness...lets see, I have to say at the moment...lychee martinis ;)

  20. I have a weakness for dark chocolate and any type of ice cream:-) Perhaps I should also mention cheese as well.......

    I have been around the set of Lark Rise to Candleford as it is on a farm belonging to a friend. It is quite amazing seeing the place in real life. Diane

  21. (No, we don't have bottle trees in Ireland, but it sounds like something I should know about. Perhaps it would warrant an elbows on my windowsill post one day?)