Monday, August 2, 2010

A Little Dab Will Do Yah

Jessica, a midwesterner now living in South Carolina and writing Growing Southern (appropriately named), had a give away for organic garden products that EcoSmart makes. Surprise, I won.

In the package were:

Garden Fungicide
Weed and Grass Killer
Garden Insect Killer
Insect Repellent (skin spray)

Look at my roses, pathetic.

This growth is the second attempt for these poor plants. The first ones looked so promising with many shiny leaves and dotted with little rose buds, but within a couple of days something had nibbled them down to the stem. I tiptoed outside to spy day and night but never saw any caterpillars or any other pesky predator devouring my roses. These products may have come just in time. Perhaps this garden insect killer will be the answer.

Thank you Jessica and EcoSMART.

Little insects, I am sorry it has come to this, but unless someone can tell me about an effective repellent...

p.s. I have written to EcoSMART to check on using products in a safe manner around pollinators.


  1. Mya those products look wonderful, well done. I would like the skin repellent, I get bitten every night when I go out to water:( Diane

  2. Hope these products do the trick for you. I've always thought that MiracleGro was a misnomer, because if it really worked miracles, my plants would not look as sad as they do now!!!


  3. A great prize!! I always enter giveaways. So far I have not won ! I try to control the insects in my garden by filling a spray bottle with warm water adding a few drops of dishing soap and olive oil. Shake and spray!!!

  4. Thanks for your recent visits and comments over at News From Italy. With all our visitors now departed I am catching up on my Blog reading.

    I'm in agreement with Diane on the skin repellent as I have the same problem :(

  5. That's the most practical giveaway prize I've seen so far, streets ahead of lavender sachets. Lucky you.

  6. Is that EcoSmart insect repellant the one that has cinnamon in it? I believe it's what I've been using recently. Works better for me than the products with deet in them. COngratulations on your win!