Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eeoow - The Sky is Falling

Late in the summer and the sky darkens, some people gather, hoping to catch glimpses of many shooting stars.

From some of the debris associated with the Swift-Tuttle comet it is theorized that we have the annual Perseids meteor shower, which is usually seen between August 8th through August 14th, with August 11th and 12th being two of the best nights for viewing. The feast day of St. Lawrence is August 10th and the shooting stars are often called the Tears of St. Lawrence.

Lawrence, a church deacon, was ordered to give the treasures of the church to the Roman Emperor Valerian. Lawrence, however, brought him the poor and sick and presented them as the true treasures of the church. Lawrence had already sold many of the items and given the money to the poor.

For his defiance the Emperor, who saw no humor in Lawrence's actions, had Lawrence burned, or grilled, to death on an outdoor stove. His martyrdom occurred in 258 AD.

Lawrence is the patron saint of Rome, chefs, butchers, librarians, libraries, and comedians. Comedians? Yes, comedians. As the legend goes, during his torture Lawrence cried out, "This side's done, turn me over and have a bite."

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  1. Wow! Had not heard about this--thanks for sharing....


  2. I am on my way out to the old wicker chaise .
    I have it piled full of pillows , made hot coffee and I have soft music in the Cd player to keep me company. I know the sky is going to be magic

  3. Interesting! I will never think about BBQ the same way again!

  4. I will be outside tonight! Covered in bug spray the mosquitos are FIERCE this year. I love seeing things like this, thanks for the hint.

  5. Interesting information and a Great Photo! We rarely have clear skies were I live in Southern California. To get a clear view of the sky I need to drive about a 125 miles North to our local mountains.

  6. Ah someone else who posted about Notte di San Lorenzo did you see mine?
    I found it amusing as a librarian myself :)

  7. That's an awesome quote! Have a bite...ah, what bitter sweet laughter that was. May his joy be full in heaven.