Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weird as in the 3rd Sense

Out of curiosity I looked up the word 'weird' in my old Webster's.

1. pertaining to fate;
2. relating to witchcraft, or the supernatural, magical: unearthly, mysterious;
3. of strange or extraordinary character: odd, FANTASTIC

This video is a visual definition of weird in the 3rd sense.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Music of Holy Week


For me, Easter is the most important day of the Christian calendar.

Without it Christmas would have little meaning. It would be reduced to a secular winter holiday, that for many it already is. At best it would be a note on a calendar that marks December 25th as the day to remember a man named Jesus.

Some curious kid might ask, "Hey, Mom, who is this Jesus on my calendar?" Mom might say, "I don't remember. Look him up." Upon researching one might find that Jesus was a nice guy, a little different but nice. Some people liked him and others did not. What made him remembered was that he offered a new way of treating people, a new way of looking at life. He promised eternal life. He wanted people to feel closer to God. This life style worked for many, but the government thought that he was dangerous and that he might want to take over; after all he said that he was the Son of God. Even some religious people felt threatened by his authority. He was crucified and that was that.

But for those of us that believe in the man that called himself the Christ, the Son of God, His story did not end with His crucifixion, for Easter is the promise. The promise of eternal life in a world that is so incredibly wonderful and beautiful. A place where everyone respects others and treats them accordingly.A place where all is well. A perfect place where God's love will be the atmosphere that we live in.

To some extent I can experience Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday. We all have felt sorrow, loss, regrets, pain, unfairness. But Easter is beyond my grasp of truly understanding. I do not know anyone that has risen from the dead. I am glad that I do not have to take a test explaining it. All I have to do is believe, and believe I do.

Neither the best sermon nor the most glorious music can fully express the wonder, the grandeur, the holiness of the Easter experience and promise. Perhaps Handel's Hallelujah Chorus comes the closest to giving me the feeling that I want to have on Easter morning, on every morning - that our God, our Messiah can over come all, that our God is forever and ever.

A Happy Easter to you.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bogus Blue Bird?

Just received this picture by email. It is a beautiful picture, so very clear. I do not see a price tag around the bird's leg but if you look closely it seems that the fence post might be shadowing the tree just behind it. Makes me think that the trees and sky could be a backdrop. Could it be real? However, it does give me an idea. Perhaps I could find some artificial blues and put them on the nesting box for taking pictures (ref. 3/6/10 post). I had already considered planting plastic flowers this year. Hmmmm

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Orange and the Green - The Irish Rovers


Oh, it is the biggest mix-up that you have ever seen.
My father, he was Orange and me mother, she was green.

My father was an Ulster man, proud Protestant was he.
My mother was a Catholic girl. From county Cork was she.
They were married in two churches, lived happily enough,
Until the day that I was born. Then, things got rather tough.

Oh, it is the biggest mix-up that you have ever seen.
My father, he was Orange and me mother, she was green.

Baptized by Father Reilly, I was rushed away by car,
To be made a little Orangeman, my father's shining star.
I was christened "David Anthony," but still, in spite of that,
To my father, I was William, while my mother called me Pat.

Oh, it is the biggest mix-up that you have ever seen.
My father, he was Orange and me mother, she was green.

With Mother every Sunday, to Mass I'd proudly stroll.
Then after that, the Orange lodge would try to save my soul.
For both sides tried to claim me, but I was smart because
I'd play the flute or play the harp, depending where I was.

Oh, it is the biggest mix-up that you have ever seen.
My father, he was Orange and me mother, she was green.

One day my Ma's relations came round to visit me.
Just as my father's kinfolk were all sitting down to tea.
We tried to smooth things over, but they all began to fight.
And me, being strictly neutral, I bashed everyone in sight.

Oh, it is the biggest mix-up that you have ever seen.
My father, he was Orange and me mother, she was green.

My parents never could agree about my type of school.
My learning was all done at home, that's why I'm such a fool.
They've both passed on, God rest 'em, but left me caught between
That awful color problem of the Orange and the Green.

Oh, it is the biggest mix-up that you have ever seen.
My father, he was Orange and me mother, she was green.

May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Are Your Bluebirds Finicky?

We occasionally see bluebirds flying around our neighborhood and landing for short visits. It is always a delight to see them - what an appropriate name - bluebird.

This past year we put up a bluebird nesting box. We did have a few lookers, sparrows mainly and a few blues, but no takers. One day I saw what I thought was a sure sign of residency, for a blue was in and out of the little house carting nest building materials. But in a couple of days there were no more signs of the new neighbors. This year again I have noticed a few birds flying and lighting on the box, darting in and darting out but not to be seen again. My, my, hard to please. What do they want - granite counters and upgrades?

Well, according to a few articles that I read, these are among the things that bluebirds do prefer:

1. a nesting box that is attached to the top of a pole rather than the side of a tree
2. the pole should be in a clearing
3. the clearing should be away from human habitation
4. attach a "sparrow spook" above the nesting box after the first egg has been laid, but before the second one is laid

I live in a forested area, with few clearings, I am not sure that I can set up surveillance to know when the first egg has been laid, and now I have given up hope of any bluebirds claiming our nesting box. However, I think I will move the box further from the house in case any future tenants want privacy.
Maybe I should put up a sign - Wrens wanted.

Monday, March 1, 2010

St. David's Day

Today, March 1, many Welsh people will be wearing leeks and or daffodils, which are both national symbols, for it is the feast day of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales. The first day of March was chosen in remembrance of the death of St. David who died on March 1st in 589.

At Glyn Rhosyn,in Pembrokeshire, St. David founded a Celtic monastery, where St. David's Cathedral stands today. The foundation became an important Christian shrine, and is considered by many to be the most important center in Wales. David was known throughout the Celtic world as a teacher and ascetic.

There will be parades, concerts, festivals and all sorts of celebrations in many towns in Wales today to commemorate St. David.