Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bogus Blue Bird?

Just received this picture by email. It is a beautiful picture, so very clear. I do not see a price tag around the bird's leg but if you look closely it seems that the fence post might be shadowing the tree just behind it. Makes me think that the trees and sky could be a backdrop. Could it be real? However, it does give me an idea. Perhaps I could find some artificial blues and put them on the nesting box for taking pictures (ref. 3/6/10 post). I had already considered planting plastic flowers this year. Hmmmm


  1. Is that real? One can't be sure these days. It is a nice picture nonetheless.

    I think I missed the post about the need for plastic flowers...better go and check it out!

    Best wishes,

  2. It's odd but yet cute' If the blue bird isn't bogus the rest of the photo definitely is.

    It however would make a nice cover for a story book..Staring anything involving a bluebird.

    lets see... Ricky looked over the rainbow..and thought to himself.. aah" this would be a wonderful place for me to start a family.