Saturday, March 6, 2010

Are Your Bluebirds Finicky?

We occasionally see bluebirds flying around our neighborhood and landing for short visits. It is always a delight to see them - what an appropriate name - bluebird.

This past year we put up a bluebird nesting box. We did have a few lookers, sparrows mainly and a few blues, but no takers. One day I saw what I thought was a sure sign of residency, for a blue was in and out of the little house carting nest building materials. But in a couple of days there were no more signs of the new neighbors. This year again I have noticed a few birds flying and lighting on the box, darting in and darting out but not to be seen again. My, my, hard to please. What do they want - granite counters and upgrades?

Well, according to a few articles that I read, these are among the things that bluebirds do prefer:

1. a nesting box that is attached to the top of a pole rather than the side of a tree
2. the pole should be in a clearing
3. the clearing should be away from human habitation
4. attach a "sparrow spook" above the nesting box after the first egg has been laid, but before the second one is laid

I live in a forested area, with few clearings, I am not sure that I can set up surveillance to know when the first egg has been laid, and now I have given up hope of any bluebirds claiming our nesting box. However, I think I will move the box further from the house in case any future tenants want privacy.
Maybe I should put up a sign - Wrens wanted.


  1. I wonder if they just need to check out the neighbourhood just a little more...Other bird houses might have the granite bench-tops they have been looking for!

    Good luck and I hope that we see some pictures of them soon.

    Best wishes,

  2. Blue birds are the cutest things..I only get to see them when I visit my relatives in South Carolina.

    They may be here else where in Michigan..but I've never seen them in my neck of the woods... I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    P.S Thanks for stopping by and visiting me.

    Vetsy of Vetsy View...

  3. P.S I love the title of your blog: elbows on my window sill.

    I could picture myself Day dreaming in the window sill as I read your title. Nice..

  4. I also wanted bluebirds. I attached a box to a piece of planking and mounted that to a fence post so it would be high in the air. I also read that bluebirds will not nest where there are bird feeders?? I guess they are not all that social.