Thursday, February 18, 2010

Here We Go A' Curling

Two or three Winter Olympic seasons ago I turned on the TV to see absurdity in action. A guy was attempting to do a split while pushing a tea kettle across the ice. In front of the kettle were two other people scrubbing and sweeping the ice with a broom and a mop. Not knowing a thing about the game including it's name I became a fan. Welcome to curling!

Since then I have learned a little about the sport, yes sport. For more details please see the sites mentioned in the side bar. Basically, very basically, a four person team take turns delivering the kettles, excuse me - stones, to the end of the ice course toward a bull's eye target called the house. The goal is to end up with your stones closer to the button, which is the center of the house, than your opponents.

Some question if curling is a real sport. Why would it not be? It takes much practice and learned strategy to become a skilled curler. I heard that golf would soon be an Olympic sport - a sport in which the spectators are in more danger than the participants.

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