Saturday, April 9, 2011

...and then the bottle cap

For years and years kids and adults have collected bottle caps, and occasionally I will stumble across a few that I liked and dropped in a kitchen drawer. A bottle cap - such a simple little thing, but in 1892 it was a big deal.


William Painter invented the cap called the 'crown cork' and later founded the Crown Cork & Seal Company of Baltimore. They became a leader in the manufacturer of packaging products, and today, Crown Holdings, Inc. operates from 139 plants located in 41 countries. The little metal caps have been used as substitutes for lost game pieces, wheels on hand made toy cars, and transformed into jewelry.

Crafters have come up with many ways to use them.


oh yeah

They have even made their way into videos.

Recently at A Frayed of Fibers, Wanda had a giveaway for a bottle cap key chain creation of her own, and thanks to the Muse of Luck I won. Wanda gave me the choice of using an initial or a picture. I emailed her a picture of Mimbo, our youngest cat, and told her the cat or the initial ‘M’ would be great.

Which did she choose? She not only included both items on the key chain, but sent a necklace with Mimbo’s picture. I am telling myself that I should send the necklace to my daughter who is away in school - technically Mimbo is her cat.

see the kitty charm on the end - just that little extra

Wanda, thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Wanda is a crafter of many items, and a serious quilter.


You can see more of her lovely works on her site at A Frayed of Fibers.

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  1. very cool!!! Love the necklace. It looks awesome! I hope this finds you doing well!!!

  2. Hello Mya!

    I just wanted to pop by and say G'day and to tell you how much your advice and words of wisdom meant to me when I decided not to blog. I have just come home from a relaxing holiday at the beach and realized that I missed blogging too much to just give up completely. So I am still blogging but I will be blogging very differently! Anyway, I thanked you in my most recent post and just wanted to let you know that I am back!

    Take care and best wishes for a lovely week.

    PS Congratulations on your win-the jewels are fabulous!

  3. Very cool Key chain and necklace! Mimbo is cute too! As always a great blog post from you! Thank You for sharing your interesting information and beautiful pics.Hugs Tee

  4. Those bottle cap items are interesting and oh my, Wanda's creations are fabulous!

  5. Oh wow, I have never seem bottle caps so transformed before. And what an intrinsicially dignified medium they are.

  6. What a cute win and it was interesting to learn about the history of bottle caps Mya, thanks.

  7. What a great win! To tell the truth I don't think I have ever paid very much attention to bottle caps but I will from now on.

  8. That was very original. She is so talented and I appreciated the history too.

  9. Hi Mya. I read your comment on the Rymadal...I did google it also and I was surprised to see it was for humans first...they say it was taken off the market because Motrin came on the market and the Rymadal became too is about $1.50 a the key chain

  10. Hi Mya ! Have missed reading your blog...loong days here ... looking forward to getting home and catching up.
    This is the first show Shabby Lane has done, but the owner hopes to do more. I have brought some products to sell ... there are beautiful goods from over 20 on line shops !

  11. Ah, it's amazing what you can do with a bottle caps! See, recycling at its best.

    PS: Thanks for popping over to my blog, I'm catching up on everyones comments and I love your Lewis Carroll quote too. I'm participating in the 'A to Z' blogfest so its a post a day for all of April except Sundays. It's been a challenge as I'd dropped back to 2 a week, very enjoyable!! Do come and read when you have time. ;-)

  12. Very interesting! I really enjoyed the bottle-capped furniture. It was good to see you at my blog.

  13. Hi Mya,
    Good questions about my son. I took his picture from the house and then ignored him because I did not want to scare him and have him lose confidence in himself. He had gotten himself up that tree on his own power and unless he yelled for help (which we would have heard) I figured he could get himself down. I have found that most of the time my children have fairly good intuition about their limits. Sometimes, I just have to shut my eyes and keep praying until the danger passes. It is always fun to get your comments.

  14. MYa this really made me smile b/c my dgt collects so many things including bottle caps. I'm always asking what is she going to do with them...and can we toss them. She won't let me but I'm sending your post to her. She makes amazing things out of nothing and she'll love what people have made out of these caps. Thanks....