Wednesday, October 20, 2010

From Europe

While Teri of Girl Meets Paris and her husband, Scott, were vacationing in Paris they mailed postcards to those of us who made a request. Isn't there a special ring in the sound Postcards from Paris? This is the lovely postcard that I received. Thank you Teri and Scott; so glad you had a wonderful time and a safe trip.

If you are interested in tours around Paris drop in and visit with Teri. She will tell you about things she has learned first hand, and some places that you will, and places you may not find in the travel guides. - - - Teri has just posted that due to illness in her family, she will not be posting for awhile, but there are many, many of her posts that you can catch up on through the archives.


A Happy Award came my way from Letizia whose blog is 'My Sweet Happy Home.'

Letizia posts from Italy. She has beautiful pictures of her home, projects, flowers, sometimes her dog, and shares some of her thoughts.

I am to list ten things that I like most: God, family, friends, our pets, music (many kinds), traveling, reading, working in the yard, painting/drawing (does not equate with having any talent), having an active life. There are so many more, but that's ten. Try to keep a happy list down to ten!

Now here's my list of ten blogs that make me happy and thus I send them the 'Happy Award' too: This is a very hard thing to do for all the blogs that I follow make me happy, and it does not make me happy in narrowing this to ten:

Vetsy at Vetsy's View, Laura's Prep Judicata, Sandy's Hob Nobbers, Debbie's Mosaic Magpie, Jan's A Journey, Rose's Wonders of Life, Francie's A Scented Cottage Studio, Dottie's It's Just Dottie, Jill's Untie the Ribbons, and Teri at Girl Meets Paris.

Thank you, Letizia.


  1. Congratulations on your award! Letizia is a great blogger just like you!

    That is a gorgeous postcard. I haven't caught up with Teri and her blog for a while-that is sad to hear that she has had troubles.

    Take care and best wishes,

  2. Just a beautiful postcard, and congratulation for your well deserved award, and thanks for cracking me up on my blog :D
    Laugher is a good medicine.

  3. I just had to pop in and first congratulate you on receiving the Happy Award and then thank you for passing one on to ME! I enjoy your blog because you never know what you're going to find and you have a great sense of humor and I LOVE to laugh! Thanks for making my day! : )

  4. Mya you are a Sweetie! thank you... it is taking me a while to catch up. A week away really put me behind about three !!!
    Your list could be mine almost exactly...

  5. good morning. i appreciate your recognition of my blog . i don't participate in the awards. just do this for... love the postcard 3 years ago i went to paris to meet my family for the 1st time. i'm trying to go back next summer. i will check your friends blog to see what she suggest. have a good day. rose

  6. Thanks a million for the wonderful mention, and the awesome award! I of course will accept it, and put it on my sidebar.

    So glad you liked the postcard. I ended up with one extra one, so I sent it to myself. It arrived after I got home. Scott found it (not knowing I had sent it) and he was so confused!


  7. Oh favourite city in europe by far! I love it, now you got me thinking about it again...can I do a sneaky trip over?

    And congrats on your lovely award dear lady! ;) xx

  8. Congrats on your Happy award It's the perfect award for a lady that I think would make most people happy with her wit, charm and humor!

    You certainly have made me happy with your engaging, interesting post!

    Thank you for passing the Happy torch along to me..I must go back to my post and make some corrections...I made a list of ten things that make me happy, but now see..that I'm supposed to post ten blogs Lol!

  9. my ten yr. old always tells me just how much she wants to go to paris....