Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ring, Rang, Rung

Our state is having its primary on Tuesday; then more than likely there will be a run off election - only to be followed by The Election in November.

The more information our household gathers on the hopefuls, the more cynical I become. Except for extreme opinions on a few subjects, most of the candidates sound basically the same. They all want what is best for us (bless their hearts), a chicken in every pot, and a bright and promising future for our children (almost sounds like the Miss America contestant's replies). Other than "I have a plan," I have not heard much detail how these promises will materialize.

I have never understood the tactic but it seems that all candidates are using robo calls to the max. Do they honestly believe that I am going to vote for someone because I have received another annoying phone call? Frankly I will be be glad when it is all over and we can put the elections aside for a while and my phone will not be ringing incessantly.

9:00 am

9:05 am

9:08 am

I think you get the idea.

There is another idea I have about voting.

Perhaps it would be easier to narrow my list by only
including candidates that do not make robo calls!

If you, any loved ones or any friends are running for political office, I hope a good sense of humor is one of your attributes.


  1. Hey! Maya thanks for stopping by" I can relate.. We get enough annoying phone calls all day from solicitors, bill folks ad neighbors we wish would go on vacation and stay there...OOPS! Maybe that's just me..

  2. This is why I have an un-published phone # and an answering machine.
    After our last Presidential election (where I voted with my heart and was not swayed by the political mumbo jumbo the media put out there) it seems too soon for another round! We have alot of ads on the TV, but my phone is silent! Ah, I have POWER!
    Cute post tickled me!

  3. Oh how I echo your thoughts. When I return to Houston this week after two weeks away, I know our answering machine will be full--even though we have signed up for I don't know how many Do not call lists.

    I love your "sifting" approach to narrow down candidates. Ha!


  4. I also have an un-published phone number. I do not know any one who enjoy getting them. I wonder why they make them !!Great post.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such kind comments. I look so forward to hearing from you.

  5. Maybe you could ask anyone who calls how much the call costs in manpower and technology terms, how it is financed, and how the expense can be justified? And le them know that you cannot listen to any other topics until these areas are covered to your satisfaction. Or are they just long recorded messages? If the latter, I'd be hugely insulted.

  6. They used to make personal calls. The candidates? Maybe not, but many volunteers used to sit around long, tables strewn with telephones and calling lists in a room that was decorated with publicity banners, pictures of The Said holding a baby, campaign posters and anything else that they were not able to place elsewhere. From here many weeks were spent pestering the public. I think they ran out of volunteers; now they use recordings.
    So, yes, I agree with you, Mise. I am insulted 2X; once for the call itself, and secondly for a humanless call - humanless...could you call that inhumane?

    Because we are still living in a somewhat free society, I want someone to comment with a different opinion, even if it is just for balance. Surely some lonely soul out there looks forward to these intrusions.

  7. Hi there, Mya. I got rid of my lan line about 5 years ago. We all use cells. Ahhh, the peace and quiet. I think candidates should only be allowed to create a resume, post it once, and eliminate all such campaigning nonsense. They started that campaigning before there was mass communication. We don't need it now. And if there are any lies in their resume, they should get fired. Just like the rest of us. If I harassed a human resource employee at a company that I wanted to work for, they'd arrest me.

  8. The robo calls that annoy ME are the ones that call you and then when you pick up the phone an automated machine says, "There is no one available to take your call right now..." WHAT? YOU called ME, roboman! Do they really expect me to wait until there is someone available???? I would hope this would NOT be a political call... who would stay on hold for that?

    OK Thanks for letting me vent about that, mya! Have a great day!

  9. Thank goodness we don't get calls when it comes to voting. I don't think I would vote for anyone who did that! Bad enough having to answer calls from people selling goods and they always pick a time when you are busy or eating. I'm afraid at time I become very rude!! Diane