Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mozart - Ave Verum Corpus

Leonard Bernstein conducted the Bavarian Symphony Orchestra and Choir in their performance of Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus in the Basilica of Waldsassen, Bavaria, April 1990. At first glance you might think that Mr. Bernstein is sleeping -give him a second - I think he is just preparing.

Hail, true body,
born of the Virgin Mary,
Who truly suffered, sacrificed
on the cross for man,
Whose pierced side overflowed
with water and blood,
Be for us a foretaste
in the test of death.

This translation is only to provide a meaning, and is not intended for substitution.

The basilica, built between 1682 and 1704, is thought by many to be one of the most beautiful baroque churches in Bavaria. Encircling the entire nave is decorative plaster work and statues. The angels on the high altar are carved in white marble, and the choir stalls are also hand carved. There are additional altars in the transept and also in the six side chapels. The dome of the nave is 28 metres high. Some day we might talk about the skeletons of Waldsassen.

In 1803 the church became the Parish Church of Waldsassen, and then in 1969, Pope Paul VI, elevated the status of the church to “Basilica Minor”. The Papal Coat of Arms above the main entrance proves this honour.

photo credits:
Leonard Bernstein by Jack Mitchell
Basilica - Wikipedia
Altar angels - www.kuk-verlagsanstalt


  1. This was lovely music and it was nice to listen to it while looking at the lovely images of the basilica.

    Hope you have had a great weekend and that your week is fabulous.

    Take care and best wishes,

  2. The decorative work in the basilica is quite beautiful, sadly my connection is not good enough to listen to the YouTube. Diane

  3. Wow, the basilica is stunning. I could sit in there for hours just admiring it all.

  4. This is so beautiful. I love Mozart. And the basilica is absolutely gorgeous.
    I checked Mr. Linky this morning and it appears to be OK on my computer. It was not working for a while last week but was unaware of any problems this week. Check it again. If you would like for me to I will link your blog there for you if it is unavailable on your computer.

  5. My site is telling me that you have a new post 'All creatures great and small' but I am unable to get into it. Is there a problem somewhere or is iy my computer. Diane

  6. That church is amazing! How incredible it must be to sit and gaze at all the beauty and then be surrounded by music at the same time.

    Thanks for sharing....

  7. Welcome, I hope that any computer troubles that I am having are soley my own. Am having problems getting posts completed before the computer publishes them anyway - then I have to delete the post and start over. Oh well, I guess I can chalk this up to "learing to be more patient."
    Am glad that you all did enjoy the music and the pictures. I think I would enjoy a tour of many of the cathedrals, and old, smaller village churches.
    Thank you all for stopping by.

  8. The basilica is gorgeous. That piece was beautiful to listen to. Very soothing and calming. I bust out laughing at your comment to my post. All I've done is mostly sleep for the past 2 days! Guess it caught up with me. lol. Thank you for sharing this stunning piece.

  9. Just beautiful!

  10. What can I add here? I agree with everyone's comments. Great post!

  11. Oh, the basilica is beyond description and my hubby is sleeping so I can't listen to the music right at the moment but I will come back. Thank you.

  12. Wow,the basilica is stunning.
    Sweet Blessings,

  13. What a beautiful performance in a fantastic setting. I love those old ornate churches. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  14. What beautiful photos...thanks for sharing..

  15. Wow the basilica is so beautiful! The detail is just amazing. What a beautiful song.
    God Bless,